Q 3 Update: Roadmap, Marketing team, NFT drop, Partnership announcement

Hi team,

I once told you this was going to be a crazy ride, well I hope you are enjoying it because we are just getting started. As you have noticed, we continue to work under the condition of any market, because Ludus transcends the power of the market. The only thing that the market does is either slow us down or dial the speed up.

New Marketing Content Creation team:

During the past few weeks, I have gathered a team of content creation that will be under the marketing team. They will help us make short-term content videos that will grow out the community on social media platforms. The idea is to tell our story through this form of content creation, and then follow it up with project updates and educating our audience about how blockchain technology works and how it allows us to distribute value back to our users.

The marketing team is already up to speed and has been working on scripts for the past week, we should see the results in the upcoming weeks.

NFT Drop

Since I got my cool cat, I have been researching the NFT Avatar space and I have found a lot of value that we can use. We are going to release a 10,000 NFT collection of sports avatars at a cheap price, that will have a relative amount of minting power in the Ludus income pools to their original price. They will be able to serve as a node just as our Genesis NFT collection. We are working with some cool artists that are making the designs for the OG NFT collection, something I'm really excited about since it will be an NFT Avatar collection with the utility value of being a node in the Ludus ecosystem behind it besides the value of the collection it self. We will be working with our friends at World Token for the drop.

Partnership Announcement

Yesterday we announced a partnership with our friends at coin ninja. They will audit their projects before listing them, I honestly think that is the best for The space and always look forward to working with projects that want to achieve that. you can check them out here: https://t.me/CoinNinjaOfficial or here https://coinninja.site/

We will be announcing more partnerships throughout this quarter when the time is right.

  • So how is the Roadmap looking?


New Ludus Wallet 1.0 Beta release

Partnership announcements with Ambassadors (1.0)


Ludus Wallet app 1.0 Apple release

Partnership announcements with Ambassadors (2.0)

New Ludus Income Pools

New Pitch Deck release

Crypto Marketing

New Ludus Website

New Ludus Whitepaper

New Ludus App 2.0 Beta Release

Retail Marketing starts


Ludus App 2.0 Final Release

New Features add-on to the Ludus App


Other updates:

The ambassador’s team keeps growing rapidly as there are many interested in forming part of our team. We will announce the next partnership along with the content creation release. The new website is coming along really well and we should see it live during the next couple of weeks, as well as the pitch deck and white paper.


We continue to work on the Roadmap as planned, the team is working at full speed and the final details are getting polished. It finally feels like the pieces are falling in the right places. Nevertheless, it continues to be a more bullish month than the previous one for the future of the project as we continue to achieve more organic exposure. One step at a time.





Connecting players around the world. Free Decentralized Sports Platform.

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Connecting players around the world. Free Decentralized Sports Platform.

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